More than a Designer, a Creative Artist

For more than 15 years I have dedicated myself to advertising...

…and during this time I have had the opportunity to develop skills in various areas such as Branding (logo and corporate image), Packaging Design, Pre-Press Design (printing), Web Development, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, and more Recent: Photography and Video. My Work Experience includes companies such as Diario Libre, Net Tech Internacional, Editora Nani, SkyMax Dominicana, among others. And my academic training ranges from a degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from TEP-PUCMM, to various certificates in digital platforms and Multimedia software.

Mi Experiencia Laboral incluye empresas como Diario Libre, Net Tech Internacional, Editora Nani, SkyMax Dominicana, entre otras.

Y mi formación Académica va desde un título en Diseño Gráfico y Comunicación Visual del TEP-PUCMM, hasta diversos certificados en plataformas digitales y softwares de Multimedia.

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Why work with me?

Need vs Desire

It is important that you work with someone willing to propose an alternative solution to what you want, since what we want is not always what we need. Condescension is not part of my work style.

Justified Proposals

The design, more than beautiful, must be functional and be supported by a reason for its colors, shapes and composition.

One Man Army

With me you will have skills such as Design, Creativity in Content Production and Copywrite, Web Development, Photo, Video and Brand Management.

Multidisciplinary Integration

My domain and knowledge of multiple areas allow me to work with ease to deliver user-friendly projects for other professionals in the area.

Web Design services includes

During the first year from the delivery date, your website will receive all technical updates, security patches and site fixes in case of server crashes.

Constant supervision before any hacking attempt or DDoS attack that could affect the operation of your website.

Don't have the budget for a photo shoot? We can work with Stock images that have professional quality and are copyright free. must be the institutional email of your company, not your personal email. That is why we create and configure the accounts that are necessary within the organization.


Las imágenes hablan más que las palabras

Logo Design

Fotografía de Productos & Bienes Raíces

Brand Guidelines

What are the different versions of your logo? What is the official font? How should the logo be used on different backgrounds?

The Brand Manual is the constitution that regulates what can or cannot be done with your brand.

Manual written and designed for GreenLink Networks.

Audiovisual Projects

Some Audiovisual projects in which i have worked, which have mostly been in the area of ​​Real Estate: filming Cabins for rent, and the Tourism Sector: Visits to Hotels, Events, and International Tours.

Some of this projects were filmed by i third party, i edited, added the logo animation and tiles.

Haz click en las imágenes para ver el video.

Proposals and Initiatives.

Throughout my career i have taken the risk of presenting proposals to different companies. Almost all oriented to branding.


Some projects that i've developed
in the years.

Caco Ajeno Podcast

Project Status Active

In DR we have a say "no one learns in someone else's head" Well, this Podcast, with my stories and those of my guests, tries to bring a moral or learning to everyone who listens to it; what to do, what not to do, suggestions or tips to avoid the situations we have experienced, and if you are already experiencing them, know that you are not alone and that there is a solution.

Podcast available in

Videojuegos 101

Project Status Cancel

Project created to educate parents and tutors on the subject of video games; benefits, risks, dangers, how to treat addiction, how to identify the right games, etc. All this supported by talks, informative material, articles and collaborations with international foundations such as

Web archive available.


Project Status Cancel

Aplicación que concebí en los años 2010-2011 bajo la premisa “Qué pasaría si tienes un accidente y quienes están contigo no están al tanto de tus situaciones de Salud?”. La idea era ofrecer un registro donde se documentaran  padecimientos médicos, tratamientos contactos de emergencias, y un listado de contactos de emergencia. El proyecto nunca logró apoyo monetario y al final fue engavetado.

Pitch Deck presentation available.

Are you starting a project or do you need communication support in your company?

Let's have a brainstorm!

Work Process

To guarantee a delivery attached to what was requested and in the shortest possible time


Discussion or Briefing

What's your need? Why do you think you need this service and what result do you expect to get from it?


Presentation of Proposals

Once your need has been defined and we have determined what your competitors have/do not have, we work on a proposal based on your requirements.



In this stage we'll be defining the shapes, colors, fonts and composition of the message we're delivering.



Finally, you receive the files in industrial formats and office formats (when applicable) or video images in HD/4K.


Support / Maintenance

All our services, from Branding to Web Development, include support and maintenance during the first year.


Scalability Proposal

We already have the Branding and the website, now do we work on the content for Social Networks?

A presentation in detail

All logo designs, whether in a single design or in a Corporate Image package, are presented in detail with their versions in Vertical, Horizontal, one color, and applied in various scenarios such as uniforms, promotional items, vehicles, and/or promotional billboards.

All this so that you can appreciate the proposal in real life scenarios.

All logos are delivered in Industrial Formats: Eps, Pdf, Ai, and Office Formats: Png, Jpg.


Direct contact

809 703 6113

WhatsApp or traditional voice/text communication